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Marquette Mutchler

NSF GRF PhD Student

​Marky is currently an NSF-funded Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago, where she hopes to pursue the study of avian sensory systems and their part in speciation processes. Marky was also formerly an NSF-funded researcher at the Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College, where she worked from 2021-2023. Her current work broadly revolves around neotropical ornithology, with a particular interest in the evolutionary relationships of Amazonian and Mexican bird systems. In addition to birding, Marky enjoys art and photography. Through her passions, she hopes to inspire and encourage others to look into STEM-based careers!

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Research Interests

Museum Ornithology

Molecular Phylogenetics

Bioacoustics and Sound Analysis

Behavioral Ecology

Scientific Illustration

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